Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't throw the baby out with the fücking bath water!

For instance, "Beware of mother-fücking wolves in sheeps clothing" should be universal, its not dogmatic. (I almost wrote godmatic just then. Ü)

Point being, nuggets of worthwhile info can be found within all the fücking bullshit. Just do as Jefferson did or tried to do, separate the gold from the fücking dross.


Kelly said...

Right! Keep the baby, drain the bath water. I've always held to that, particularly when my babies were small enough to clog the drain.

Actually, the Wolf-Sheep thing is a metaphor born of an Aesop Fable:

Last I checked, ol' Aesop wasn't in the dogma biz.

Am I being too picky?

Ann R. Key said...

Simple, isn't it. Like the golden rule. Nothing new really. Just another redo.

Why do people keep hanging on to the bath water though? Disturbing.

Truth be told, I wouldn't know if Aesop is in the the dogma biz or not.

Picky is OK. Its dogma that irks me.

Dogma spelled backwards is Amgod. Is that a coincidence?