Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Atheist Apologetics

There is no evidence of a Personal God. Q.E.D.

Some might say, " That's not enough!" Very well.

For simplicities sake, let's only look at the big three Personal God Believers: The Abraham's Faiths. Abraham. . .allegedly. . .was going to stab his son because "The Creator" told him to. . . KILL his son. If "The Creator" ordered me to kill my son, I would say "Kill him yourself". . .Or something. Anything except "OK, right away!". I might start by saying "Yeah, right!". Now, why would I say those things?

Abraham begets Moses.

Moses "gave" us the Ten Commandments. One of those Commandments was Thou Shall NOT kill. Now, Abraham must of known this, for he was a descendant of Adam. Adam, as I assume we all know, ate the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Ergo, Abraham had that knowledge. And Moses had that knowledge. Everybody has that knowledge. If not, only Adam knows. If we do not possess such knowledge, then all talk of good and evil must cease.

Abraham begets Jesus.

Jesus declared (all be it not new) The Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have done to you, for this is the law. . ." Evil, therefore, is that which one does to another that one would not want done to themselves. In the case before us, killing another. To wit, Abraham was going to break the law because "The Creator" told him to break the law. Conclusion: God told Adam to kill, then after the fact, God commanded us not to kill. . .consistency is MIA.

Abraham begets Mohammad.

What is there left to say? All I can offer is my theory on why Mohammad "materialized". He got tired of waiting. . .for Jesus that is.

Let's look at it rationally. God presents us with a law abiding universe. If God were to intervene to subvert these laws, then God would in fact be a prankster, especially if these subversions were only done in a seemingly haphazard fashion. Q.E.D.